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How to register for the FEL 2019 Conference in Sydney

On this page we explain how you can register for the FEL 2019 Conference in Sydney and how you can make use of the special discount for FEL members, if you wish.

The special discount is available for all signed-up FEL members for 2020 (why not for 2019?).

Registration optionEarly bird rateLate rateConditions
Solidarity registration£ 90£ 120Only for FEL Solidarity members
Community registration£ 90£ 120Only for representatives of FEL Community members
Concession registration£ 90£ 120Only for FEL Concession members
FEL member registration£ 120£ 150For all other FEL members
Standard registration£ 200£ 230For those who want to tregister without being a member of FEL

The early bird rate ends on September 30. From October 1 onwards the late rate is applicable.

If you are, or have been a member of FEL you must register for the conference on your personal FEL page. On that same page you can also renew your membership for 2020 in order to be eligible for the discount. If you don't remember the URL of this page you can find it here.

If you are not a (past) FEL member you must use the standard membership and registration form. If you use the same form to join FEL you are immediately entitled to the FEL membership discount for the conference.

Please contact Steven Krauwer at s.krauwer@uu.nl if you have any questions about the registration process.

Please note that the registration form can not be used to book accommodation. Information about accommodation will soon be published on the conference website at http://www.ogmios.org/conferences/2019